Slowly Coming out of Hibernation

I feel like it has been such a long time since I last went windsurfing, even logner since I have written about it. It even took me quite a while to find all my gear, mixed in with the mountains of stuff in the garage. It's been a terrible Autumn and Winter for wind. As an indicator, today was the second time I used my new Icon 5.0, which I had in September,.

If it was not for the novelty of a mid week windsurf, I might not have gone. I have just got back from a week in Sri Lanka, surfing everyday and being too hot in boardies. I have to say, the cold appealed less than ever. At the beach Jamie Gibbs was feeling the same, he had just got back from a month in indo. (I was quite proud of my week in Sri Lanka till then). There was definitely a fair degree of procrastination amongst the group of us who had gathered (Olly Woodcock, Leo McCallin and Sam Ross). But we good out eventually and it was actually decent fun. Cross off and some small down the liners with a few easy sections too hit. Now time for Doris, if she comes this time. Doris, what sort of name is that.. Doesn't sound the most reliable.