Stand Up Paddle Board and Flywave 85 for sale

Versatile 85 litre waveboard. This board comes with two sets of Quad fins. A set of K4's and the standard Simmer G10. This board has a large wind range and can be used from 5.3 to 4.0 weather comfortably. The best thing about this board is how well it turns, much like a smaller board but with the volume of an 85. As a quad you don't need to think about the board, just where you want to go on the wave and it responds to whatever you want. It is very good board for down the line conditions, but also good in cross on if the wind is solid. I use it as my main wave board in all conditions. There are a couple of nicks as you would expect from a waveboard, however the construction is strong and it will take whatever you throw at it. If you haven't yet got a quad you are missing out. It also can be set up as a tri fin or thruster, so plenty to experiment with.

£650, collection only from Bournemouth area

Starboard 8 5 pocket Rocket Stand Up Paddle Board

This is a really versatile allround SUP. Perfect for intro into shorter boards and bigger waves. Handles much pretty well too. Much more maneouver orientated than a lot of other SUP's. Quad fin set up. Ding in nose which is repaired.


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