This years wave quiver for sale

So I am going to tell why you should buy my 2016 wave quiver. Apart from the fact it is bloody lovely kit!

One of my mates said to me today, I don't think I am good enough for new kit, my response was, actually I don't think you are good enough for old kit. It's so much easier to use, lighter, and better all round. If you don't have a multi fin wave board then you are really missing out. They make such a difference to wave-riding, they make it easier! Why waste time?

combined with the board for £600, the whole set up comes to £1320, which is actually £500 less than a 2017 waveboard. Maybe I am over selling, but if you haven't updated your kit for a while you wont look back.

I am selling 4.5, 5.0 and 5.3 2016 Simmer Style Black Tips for £240 each. They are all in the excellent condition that is shown below.

Board is Simmer FlyWave 85, with 3 sets of quad fins (12 fins in total!), so you can choose between G10 and K4, plus the K4 rockets for onshore boosting or as a twin. You can also set up the board as a tri fin. This board is superb for wave riding, fast and smooth. Pretty decent for jumping too. One of the best things is it's range. It's 85 litre, but I never feel the need to use smaller, like wise I have blogged about on it with a 5.3. At a real stretch you can put 5.7 on it.

£600 contact