It's been so long, where is the time?

How did I end up using all my spare time organising a windsurfing event? I think it's like one of those I think it will be a good idea, moment in time. Then the wheels start in motion and the deeper you get in you realise there is just no turning back. I suspect Gregg probably has gone through similar motions. Although writing a whole book, not just a couple of pages and a good one at that, well that is a bizarre thing to do. Maybe not bizarre, but incredibly hard!

So the wheels were in motion and the deeper I have got. In my head and on paper, the Avon Beach Wave Classic could be, hopefully just that. I'm actually dreading it, and looking forward to it at the same time. I honestly don't know how it will all happen, but it will, then it will be Sunday and it will have happened. Then I will drink a very cold, very large beer in that moment.

I can't quite believe the amount of paper work I have had to do, for things that I was not aware were needed. Councils are strange beasts. It seeems that the most time, money and paperwork are spent on worrying about a very small minority and how it might affect them or not effect them and most likely effect their complete absence, whoever they/it are.On a windy day at Avon there can be over 100 windsurfers passing through the car park in one day, never a worry, they come and go, no rules regs, liability, risk, vulnerability, strategy. Make it into an event and the picture is very different. I'm not sure who makes the rules, or hoops but I am doing my best to jump through them. I think very luckily for me, the recreation officer is a decent guy and also a surfer so is more aware of the nature of a condition dependent event and is really keen to get this up and running. One reason I guess is too go towards removing the stigma of Christchurch as a retirement centre!!

I'm lucky to have some actually pretty cool friends, who have set up very cool businesses and really want to get involved. For anyone who is wondering whether to come or not, then the combination of Jimmy's iced coffee and conker gin, plus a 2 tier carbon marquee is going to create a very cool atmosphere. If the conditions come, then spectating will actually be a lot of fun. If it isn't then just drink a shit load of Gin!

It's only 6 weeks away now, which is not a lot of time to pull it all together. For example, we want to provide a goody bag for all entrants with lots of treats, event t shirt etc. But how many do I order? What sizes, it's all new to me. I would like to think to really make this event work we need 60 entrants the more the better. I am really hoping we can meet this number. The most entrants at a BWA was Cornwall a few years back. The conditions were good. Hopefully as we are nearer many windsurfers, many will be tempted to come and try out a new event or reaquaint themselves with competition.

I'm looking forward to(or maybe dreading ) next week, when a few more things will come together to make this a really good event. I'll be happy then and just let it unfold itself. Strangely my inspiration all along has been from Wayne's World. For those who have not seen the film, or can't remember, Wayne has a dream where Jim Morrison from the Doors tells him to organise a music festival, despite Wayne not having any artists to play at the festival, Jim Morrison assures him that 'if you do it, they will come'...

This has kind of been my hope. If I set the date, it will all happen. The date is set, the infrastructure is there. Now it's just a case of waiting for the competitors, the wind and hopefully long period swell, to come.

Enter our comp, I hope we can guarantee you have a really good time, classic conditions or not! The entry is here:

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So because I have no time I am selling all my kit!

My beloved Quad 85 below with 3 different sets of fins, it can also be set as a tri fin and thruster. It's going for £600 which is a great deal I think.

Also I have 2016 Blue Simmer Black Tips for sale in 4.5, 5.0 and 5.3 for £240 each, all in great condition!

(don't worry, I haven't given up I have a new 2017 85 Quantum which I love, and as much as I would like to don't have to the funds to own two 85's!)

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  1. Keep up the Good work fella.. your doing a great job!!
    Conditions or no conditions it sounds like it will be a great event.


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