Decidedly Average

When was the last time we had conditions that were good. I don't know about you, but every session i have had over the last few weeks has been mostly dissapointing. Great to get out, but always left with a feeling of wanting more! More wind, more height, more ramps, more waves. Most sessions have been a case of gusty hollow wind or when powered hunting around at full speed trying to spot a ramp, only to find when you actually get there it crumbles and doesn't hold a shape, forcing you to try and force something.

I'm in Cornwall at the moment on holiday, waiting for the BWA comp, which we have just learnt has been postponed, due to these South Easterlies lingering around. At least the waves are around.

I also had a go on one of my new sails, I opted for a 5.0 Icon, 5 batten for a change, just to see how they are. All my others are 4 batten Black Tips. It's incredible how much difference there is in feel. With the Icon, you don't know it is there, it seems very efficient and light yet planes early, the allround coastal wavesail. The Black Tip, very different, all about maneuverability and feedback. Pretty much what it says on the tin! It's not just a hyperbole.

Black Tip



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