Introducing The Wave at Hanging Rock

This is a bit of a departure for Windsurf Britain but I hope it’s of interest. 

I’m one of the occasional contributors to this blog and I’ve windsurfed and surfed since a very young age. And I’ve always been frustrated by how poorly both sports get represented in the mainstream media, and particularly in books (I’ve also wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember). Obviously windsurfing almost never features anywhere, in anything, and surfing is usually misunderstood and dealt with in the same old cliches. Other sports such as climbing and sailing always seem to do so much better. 

So about six years ago I started trying to write novels that included elements of both sports, in a way that reflected my experience of them, but were also mainstream, mass market books - just good stories, good reads. And this September I’m publishing my first attempt. It’s a surfing novel and I’m hoping some of the people who this blog reaches might like to read it.  

The book is called The Wave at Hanging Rock and it’s a psychological thriller, aimed at being a mass-market, good beach read (as opposed to literary). For those that know their surf noir genre think Kem Nunn's Tapping the Source or Tim Winton’s Breath, but with a few more twists. It’s aimed more widely than just surfers, but given the subject matter I hope it will appeal to surfers, and also to windsurfers, hence why I’m announcing it on this blog.

The novel follows three young surfers who discover an unknown wave hidden within a private estate near where they live. They begin to treat it as their own private break and vow to do anything to protect it from outsiders. Cut into this is a second story about a woman searching for her husband who is lost at sea in unusual circumstances. The two stories come together in an unexpected way, and with consequences. It's fast paced and I hope both easy to read and well-written. The idea is that it's a pageturner, but with plenty of surprises to keep you interested.   

I’m publishing the book as an independent author (ie no separate publisher) in part because of how poorly the media understand and treat sports like surfing (and windsurfing) Therefore I've got an uphill battle to get it noticed at all, so it would be massively helpful if people could share and spread this news around if it's of interest. I’m really hoping I can demonstrate that there is a market for books about sports like ours and then hopefully we can see more of them. Thank you!

The book is available to pre-order on Amazon now and comes out on September 10th

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