How to Make a Windsurfing Event

It seems a sudden odd decision. You have all these ideas, like organising a BWA windsurfing competition at your home beach and then you realise you actually have to get on with the the difficult part (unlike Boris Johnson!).

But we have so many good friends who are so excited to get their businesses involved in this competition. A BWA wave event in November, even the council are excited to have it on, because they really want a winter event.

The plan is too hold the wave event on the last weekend of November. It will be the final event of the wave tour and we hope to have a really good party on the Saturday night. Hopefully during the day on the beach we will have a load of cool stuff going on the beach. Conker Gin will be there providing day time drinking, Jimmy's iced coffee with a big campervan and PA system for sounds, commentry and cold coffee and all hosted by the incredible carbon marquee structures supplied by Charlie of C6n. This will make an incredible viewing and judging platform..

I think the main worry with windsurfing competitions is lack of wind, and then conditions. It's actually a little stressful already. I feel a bit of Waynes World about it, so I keep remembering to myself 'if you book them, they will come' . I think that will happen.

Reassuringly yesterday we ended up sailing at Avon. Southbourne apparently not much cop. I would say that it was definitely contestable, which was promising, because there really wasn't much in the way of ground swell. It was only windswell. The sandbar though causing a wave too form. This pleased me a lot.

If we get some of the conditions we have had over the last year though, then I hope we all will be incredibly stoked.

Anyway, spread the word. We have some very good news for Pro Fleet sailors in the next few days.

Olly and myself are just trying to work out facebook at the moment and make sure all the sponsors are on there. Facebook, actually more complicated than you would think!!


  1. @windsurfbritain can you keep me informed of progress a bunch of us from Hayling will be keen to compete


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