South Easter

It seems along time ago that storm Katie brought some well deserved excitement to Easter weekend that not even the second coming (again) could get in the way of! The last weekend of the Easter holidays aptly ended in some Easterlies. Maybe that is why we always get them at this time of the year. Do you know, I've never put the link together. So obvious.

Between the Westerlies and the Easterlies, I managed a trip to London, got down with the middle class and watched a west end show, then a last minute trip to the Alps. But like all things good in life am paying for it now, trying to catch up with year 8 reports I haven't written and staring at a mountain of year 11 coursework I have to mark. It's 9pm. Better get on it! 

Thanks to the various photographers at Avon Brian Wadie, Roger Bushnell and Charlie Willard 


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