SUP and 2015 black tips sails for sale

To sell equipment it needs to be advertised! Something I keep forgetting to do.

I still have two 2015 Simmer Black Tips sitting unused in my shed. These are certainly some of the best 4 batten sails on the market. 

5.0 and 4.5 they are both up for £240 a piece. The retail for new is around the £500 mark each so this is a good way of getting a really modern light wave sail for a reasonable price.

Since using the black tips I've not gone back to other sails. They are so responsive with a comfortable amount of spring. I find them really nice all round. Plenty of drive for quad boards, and actually forgettable in the hands when wave riding. Another massive bonus is the large monofilm window which provides plenty of visibility, especially when lining up on a wave.

Starboard 8'5 pocket rocket SUP circa 2011-12 region of £400

When this came out it was one of the
First properly short SUPs that allowed you to surf a wide range of waves properly. It's stubby with a quad fin set up so plenty of grip near the rails. It's very wide so for its length really stable especially if it is a bit choppy or mushy and great for a first foray into shorter more wave dedicated boards. If you already have a more carvy traditional shaped short SUP then it is a good addition for less perfect conditions. The construction is strong and light. Not the stiffest but very durable. There are a few scrapes and one small repair on the nose which is water tight. Had a lot of fun I this board!!

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