Offshore Avon 2nd Feb

Super light but some beauties at Avon yesterday if you could get them. It was well offshore and I needed to drift out in the current just holding my uphaul. Kind of flagging the sail, if you remember the the old RYA learning to windsurf way. Getting into the wave was really tricky. I almost gave up after getting pounded in on the sandbar in zero wind by some decent sized waves. for a while I kind of got irritated by my wind goggles, an ability to see wind that is clearly not there. Now I was out to see in an offshore wind out to sea and not a breath where u was. Anyone who knows Avon knows fully well where the current takes . even uphauling a struggle. I decided I would can it and give in too struggling in and a long long walk of shame.

Just as I was about to enter the zone of total no wind, well down wind I felt a twitch in my sail. looked back and the wind had filled in a bit. Enough to plane around a bit and a 5.0 Black tip and pick out a few long sets. I still didn't really have enough power, but managed to pick up some really long clean wave rides. After that I managed to get in without too much of a swim