New Year Swell

So 2016 started as 2015 ended with the biggest swell I have seen on the south coast for ages. Yesterday Avon had waves well above logo high breaking well out to sea which is something you never see and too far out for most lenses to find. My brother caught a couple of the inside breakers of a pretty good size. I would like to have seen some pictures of the outer breaking waves, very very rare that swell like that ever gets round Hengistbury head and into Avon Beach. Southbourne by all accounts according to Coxy was huge. He managed to make it out and said that he just lingered on the outside waiting for the last and biggest wave of a set, then riding it part of the way and bowing out early, not to get caught on the inside.

The wind was no where near as forecast. Instead just about planning on a 5.3 and a 95 litre wave board. This kit feels huge when we are just used to 4.0 and small wave boards most of the time. With the light winds and big round waves it was quite hard to get to the top of the wave with any power, despite the waves being silky smooth. I dialled into it eventually and started to hit some sections with power, the last hit very memorable and probably the biggest wave I have ever seen at Avon. I think I was on the wave with Charlie Willard, maybe he saw it or maybe I made it up?! Anyway, Holiday over, work tomorrow.... Night windsurfing again!


  1. Yes, you were catching them good at the end there. I certainly shared one with you but thought you better have it, so snuck out early. Then saw you go out a long way & get duly rewarded coming in on that mast high beauty. Got a real great view as you smashed up to the lip & floated over & across the breaking white water.


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