2015 Simmer kit sale

Quick, before it is windy again buy this top notch stuff off me. All in excellent condition! 

All are black tip 4 batten sails. Known for being lightweight highly maneuverable and highly tuneable on both downhaul and outhaul. First time I changed to this range I was blown away by how good they felt. 

5.3 2015 Simmer Black Tip. Pristine condition £240 (half retail!!) 

5.0 2015 simmer blacktip, again pristine

Simmer 4.5 Black Tip excellent condition, slight tear in luff tube. £230

Now for boards.

Simmer Quantum 95 £550 

This is and an epic board, ideal for heavy weights or for my 75kg it's perfect light wind float and ride or just a change up board instead of having to change sail. It's quick to plane and fast and nippy for a quad. Being a quad it has loads of grip and doesn't need to go out far in front of the wave to bottom turn. If you want it looser then set it up as a twin. It's has excellent upwind ability, especially good when not well powered up, which really helps get round the break. It rides and jumps really well for a board this size too. 

It also comes with two complete sets of find. K4 rockets as seen in the pictures and the simmer G10 icons. 

Simmer flywave 85 £700 (half retail price)

I love this board. 85 litre and so controllable. I've never felt the need for anything smaller. It comes as a quad set up with two sets of find. K4 ezzy shark tooth and Simmer G10 missions. This is a fantastic board for wave riding or being powered up even in cross onshore. It's forte is definitely wave riding. I find you don't have to think about the board, just look where you want to go and the board just lets you do it. It fits into the curve of the wave really wellI've had some pretty good air time too. It's a really lovely board that is fun and exciting to sail. 

It's versatile and can be set up as a quad, tri fin or twin fin. 

If interested in any of these and would like a view or a try, then contact me on 


I live in Southbourne area, Bournemouth if you had t guessed before.