It Will be Stormy this Christmas

It dropped off when you went out, or some words to that effect were what Gregg said to me. The 21st of December was Fecking windy (when Rod and Phil are struggling on a 3.7's, you know it is windy). My smallest sail is a 4.0 black tip, it was howling and I down hauled it too the max, sat low in my harness and hoped for the best it was sooo windy.

I think the bottom two pictures kind of sum up how much power there was. Not often you start tail walking on a wave board with 4 small fins.

Getting out in itself was also a complete battle with nature. I can't imagine many places on the coast would have been sailable. Avon 'Storm beach' was hard enough. I never usually feel the need for less than a 4.0 here because by the time the wind and the swell has wrapped around the head, the waves are often smaller, much cleaner with nice long flats between them, meaning you can hold much more power in more control than say at Southbourne or Boscombe. But yesterday, at first it was a struggle...It was gusting more than 50knots! And pretty much felt like this next picture for the next hour.

First run out though and a few moments of bravado, some of the lads taking a breather on the beach. I thought I would do a forward off the little waves just off the beach. A bit too keen I noticed my front foot wasn't in the strap. So that didn't go well. Not giving up, thought a backie would be a good idea since I have been landing a few recently. It felt pretty good until I had to come down, at which point I realised that my skill levels had run out about 2 seconds previously and there was no way I could even contemplate winning a battle with mother nature. She was well in control. I landed pretty hard and got a little psyched out from jumping. Waves were hard to come by and very confused. So I settled for just going backwards and forwards. Hoping that it would drop, clean up and go more westerly. Luckily it did. (although was still crazy windy)

By the time Paul Hunt, Chris Audsley and Coxy had turned up the conditions were much better and  Avon once again delivered some pretty bloody good wave riding for the southcoast. Cross off on the door step, still amazes me every time.

Above, Hunty enjoying some Avon joy!

So, it has been one of the best Decembers for windsufering for a long time. I have been meaning to blog more, unfortunately time has got the better of me. For all the times I have managed to get on the water there have been more times when it hasn't been possible due to that thing called work and that other annoying thing called darkness. However this term at school has been so much better for it, I haven't felt the need to slit my wrists! Some epic after work (dark sessions) have motivated me again (both windsurfing and work wise), combined with an hour here and there at the weekends between Boscombe, Southbourne and Avon always in really good company have really put any Seasonal Affective Disorder out the window.

Thank you to Roger Bushnell and Charles Willard for the pictures I have just stolen. Check out Avon Beach Surfers facebook page for regular snaps from Avon.