Boscombe Backies

It was just Casey and myself today, so we hung out had a load of fun, then got soaked taking some pictures of Coxy at Boscombe. It looked horrendous, the sort of conditions that only Coxy actually loves. I was still stoked from yesterday's bonus session. ( I was meant to be marking coursework all day, the grandparents had kindly offered to look after the children so I could get it out of the way. I marked like a man possessed. It meant I could get out in yesterday's storms and get away with it).

So here are some pictures of Coxy, who lands back loops all the time. Unlike myself.

and the rest. Bit grainy, down to driving rain and also crap lens. If anyone wants to donate a good lens then let me know, even for a reasonable price.

My post chocolate accomplice for the day.

Boscombe locals

Coxy loves the conditions we hate!