Where there's a Will there's a way

In this instance the Will happened to be my brother in law, Will Eveleigh. If anyone could convince the grandparents to look after the grand kids, it's the golden child. 

With Liz away for the weekend I had no chance of getting out on the water. However a plan hatched over a couple of pints of Guinness after watching Santa 'Sleigh' through Christchurch with the kiddies. We would go have a picnic lunch at the grandparents beach hut on mudeford sandspit (which overlooks) Avon beach. I thought I might take my wetsuit and 4.0 black tip (just in case).

Well it was bloody windy. I think the grand parents could see that Will and myself were chomping at the bit to get out. Luckily I kept my generation 1 simmer flywave under the hut. The wind was bolt offshore (so side shore at Avon) and there was a peaky medium size wave peeling perpendicular to the sand spit. It was so incredibly windy that being bolt offshore didn't matter at all, launching I headed square into a wave that just started breaking over Clarendon rocks, and too my complete surprise rode it too the exit off the run. Even fitting in two mini aerials! The bonus session was on! I took a couple of waves to Avon but it was bloody windy there. I struggled to hold onto the top turn.

Clean lines and looking down to Avon 

Afterwards we took the kids to see the boys out at Avon and took a few grainy shots. They enjoyed watching the jumping, but mainly enjoyed it when people fell in. They also thought the kayaker was complete hilarious! 


  1. Thanks for the piccies, they capture the groove well. So many good sailers out, was great to watch, it was like being inside a windsurf movie! That sounds nuts over on the sand spit, bolt offshore with clean pealers, yummy. Those super long wave rides down to beyond the cafe were crazy. I couldn't get back to the start in one tack, a dilemma, do you miss a nice wave to get further upwind and ride the next set for longer or just grab it and make the most of it. With the dusk drawing in it felt like sailing in a competition heat, pressure on to catch as many waves as possible before time is up. I feel my wave riding is improving and I'm in a race with Charlie W to nail some aerials!

  2. I know what you mean. Hard to let waves go by! I reckon if no ones on it take it and wait for the flat spells to get back up. Those long waves though...so good


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