August, Jim, but not as we know it

Jono, rounding Scotland, I would say has made the right decision this summer, perhaps escaping most of the rain. It's strange though isn't really. So much rain in what is meant to summer. In many respects what also makes it worse is that there has really been much proper wind to go with it and make the bad weather bearable. Well until the last few days.

Rare blue sky

A couple of days ago Southbourne produced the type of swell and waves normally associated with a winter low, only it was warm. What a great session though, big chunky waves and sections that you had to think twice about before jumping or hitting, although thinking twice before jumping didn't really make a difference anyway. They already had a plan for you, often not to my liking. Watching the go pro play back, it is very amusing the faces pulled when windsurfing. Generally looking either confused or a bit scared. Liz says that is how I look at her all the time.

Being on holiday though has meant I have taken the reigns for childcare. Meaning windsurfing is generally either an early morning activity or a late afternoon one. Yesterday I tried both and both times got skunked. I had two really good runs at Avon before 7am. Tried an almost succesful pushloop and was really excited about the next hour and half of windsurfing. Compared to the previous day at Southbourne. Really easy jumping, not too big ramps and loads of them. Plus really well powered on a 4.5. Then this big shadow engulfed the country. It rained so hard that it left dents in my head and the wind dropped to nothing. That evening back at Southbourne wasn't much better. It looked windy but wasn't. I spent the whole time trying to get going on a 5.0 and 85 flywave. Had I taken a 5.3 and 95 Quantum it would have been a lot of fun. But I didn't so it wasn't!!

Back to school next week, hopefully it will be windy after work until the lights go out.