today wasn't yesterday

High expectations. Yesterdays stormy conditions and relentless rain can only appeal to us. Yesterday, a rare SE into S turned a definite flatwater spot, Mudeford sandspit, into a wave break. I spent most of the day stacked on a 4.5 absolutely loving life. Sailing better than usual and doing plenty of what felt like high forwards for a change. (on both tacks, when I sailed down to Avon from the sandspit) in the the morning, it was possible to jump both ways.

During this period, my poor family were holed up in the beach hut like caged lions. I lost track of time. The wind did ease and go westerly though. At this point it was possible to surf off the beach. I took my son Casey into the water as he seemed keen at first. However after we got worked by a wave he didn't seem so keen, despite my best attempts to address this as a good thing.

He decided that he wanted to sit and watch me, so of course I took the opportunity to fit in a SUP in and catch a few sneaky rides (and get worked a few more times, not being quite used to the barge like qualities of a 11'2 SUP).

The wind picked up, and looking down to Avon it was obvious that those out for a second session were having a really nice time.

Going back to what felt like stalled forwards earlier. I was all too keen that I had caught them on my Go Pro. But, the all too familar 'SD Card Error' typical message. Bugger arse bugger. I'll get some on film one day.

Today, as in Monday 27th July looked like a really good forecast also. I managed to get both grommets into nursery which meant I had a whole afternoon to myself. Did the forecast deliver. Course not. Enough to tempt out onto the water, but also frustratingly gusty, choppy and too random with the waves to make it less than frustrating. Still a pretty bloody good day for July. Charlie Willard managed to catch one of the better moments.