Time and Tide

Well, they don't do they. Time, Gregg's 40th today. Yup we are a day apart. Tide, well by the time I got to the beach for work, I saw just enough of Coxy and Gregg pulling off some decent sized backloops to know it must have been good. I had maybe 20 minutes of it before the tide came in too far.

This time go pro wise I went for the helmet mount option and chased both Coxy and Gregg around. They were probably a bit confused by this. But with the waves rounding off there wasn't much jumping anyway. I really wanted to get a mid air back loop, where I jump beside and take the pic high up.

Wouldn't have mattered anyway. I hadn't turned it on properly. When I had switched it on, I did by fluke managed to capture my one decent jump of the only decent breaking wave I could find for ages.