Jono's Barrel

Not much to write home about these days. Apart from Jono's epic attempt at circumnavigating Britain. I'm not sure that he realises it, but this could be one of the biggest things to happen to windsurfing for a long time. I don't think that ever before has such a feat been tracked so easily by social media. The tracker on his website along with the blog, tweets, facebook posts has meant that the windsurfing community is really starting to be gripped by this. Hopefully the non windsurfing community will be also. I don't actually think Jono knows what he has let himself in for should he actually get round. Windsurfer of the year surely an accolade!

The unsupported feat of it is epic. The conversations that I have had with him along the way have made me scared and apprehensive just listening to them. Trying as best as I can to put myself in his place and piece together similar experiences as I possibly can in a feeble attempt to empathise.

Often I will hear about this epic battle in Jono's particularly modest way to then find out that after such a battle with the elements he is going to kip down in his bivvi bag under his sail for the night. If nothing else the endurance of just being in your own company for so long after hours at sea takes a strong mind. People talk about the physical endurance, but I think that it is the mental endurance that is the major issue.

So here is a picture of his home and the contents of his home, the barrel. Not much there, but actually enough for a fairly comfortable survival. The sleeping arrangements are actually surprisingly very comfortable. The technology is very clever.

Its amazing when you look up close how much stuff he can fit in the barrel and his back pack. (the child's plastic toy is not needed, or part of it. Nor for that matter is the sofa, or rug). But very impressive.

meanwhile on the homefront. Not much has gone on for me. Had a good slalom blast last weekend and fully enjoyed getting back into slalom gybes fully powered up. Ordered some new sails (blue ones), missed out on some surfs at Kbay, but that is about it. Hoping for something special to be served up soon (on the south coast, not where Jono is!). It's about time.

make sure you follow Jono's progress on