So today marked 40 confirmed years on this planet. Made me think that I need to put more effort into getting better at windsurfing. Perhaps. Maybe the 40's are for pushloops.. who knows.

Anyway after a pretty sore head this morning, managed to get down to Southbourne with James Cox who was probably more hungover than me. He certainly was making stranger decisions.

My family had all generously clubbed together and bought me a Black Edition Go Pro Hero 4 (after my failure to look after my hero 2 well). But it is pretty cool. So now expect to see this blog full of go pro pictures. The only thing with the HD quality is that I also get to see my head in HD which is not such a great thing. However playing round and experimenting with different camera angles and trying to find out what things look cool, and what don't is plenty of fun.

In my hungover daze I managed to saw a book apart. I almost made the strange decision or leaving the slightly bent permanently seized boom to one side and sawing in half the old but perfectly working spare boom. Fortunately I realised the bizareness of my reasoning and took the hacksaw to the older boom.

The ideas was to make a mount that fixed on the mast but stuck out in front to see what sort of pictures it would take.

It worked fairly well although, it does actually affect the balance of the whole rig quite a lot. You also have to duck everytime you gybe or tack, or else you get clocked round the back of the head and wonder what the F**k just happened. Then you remember that you are being particularly vein and taking pictures of yourself.

Anyway here are some of the pictures. It wasn't that great on the water. Really on off winds and hard to find a ramp that coincided with enough power. In the time I had the pole in my way I managed a pretty rubbish forward loop off a piece of chop, but that was about it. Lots of adjustments to make for next time.