Power hours!!

So hard to get a relaxed windsurf in. Friday: 50 minutes power totally overpowered session at southbourne before Liz disappeared on a hen weekend! Yesterday really fun session at a totally onshore southbourne! Although that wasn't totally without drama ( child related). Really fun though trying to nail backies in complete onshore! The highlight was getting round a wave 360 in the wave, but then got completely nailed as it broke!

Then today mental winds I all day. I am stuck in an all day curriculum planning meeting, trying to stay focussed whilst also completely knackered from yesterday's workings. Followed by a staff meeting about budget cuts.. Snore... (1.5 million cut over the next three years from the education of your kids if your interested - by the newly elected government! ) then nursery calls to say they think my daughter has chicken pox so I have to collect her immediately!!

All this time I am completely aware of the tyrants who are sailing all day, driving past southbourne there is Coxy , Andy, Jamie Hancock, lecky gayda all out. It's hectic, but windy and sunny.

Gregg is in a similar situation to me, but he is taking pictures from the cliff top with his children in tow.

We make x pact to meet at avon at 7 0!

Finally when the kids are done, the budget had left, the person viewing Lizs car has put a deposit down I get to leave.

Gregg is already out at Avon. Andy chambers is out again for his third session today. It is small, but down the line with great little stunt ramps, it looks fun.

Finally I get out, finish at 9 , it's still light, but totally worth the wait! Ahhhhhhh