Lady Avon Calling.

It's been a long time. A really long time. Since writing on this blog, since having a substantial windsurf and since making use of the Avon sandbar. Compared to last winter, this winter hasn't  really happened for me on the windsurfing side of things. I missed yesterday's sail for many reasons. Today was hell windy. Southbourne, the first port of call looked fun and extreme. But with the possibility of a smaller, down the line (and much easier option).

We went to see Lady Avon. It wasn't the biggest, but with the downhaul cranked on the 4.0 it was certainly controllable and a hell of a lot of fun. Coxy as ever put a show on to put the rest of us to shame. It wasn't the busiest, but the usual suspects out. Gregg , Bubble, Ollie, Coxy, even the Hunts turned up for a late show. Plenty of grainy pictures through the drizzle. Oh, and I'm on Easter and there is some wind around. Might be able to make up for a little lost time.. I hope.