First After School Windsurf of 2015

There is light at the end of the tunnel, at last, although bloody cold light. (not that light can be cold)...

Today we didn't actually come off the water until just before six, and you could see. Incredible. It was a big shock to the system. Having not windsurfing in about 6 weeks because of, well, because it always seemed to be windy when it was dark, or I was at school.

So at about 4ish onwards. James Cox, Andy Chambers and myself hit Southbourne. Andy and myself fully clad in about as much rubber as you possible can have and still be legal to wonder around in public places. First time in a year the mitts were on. Despite the cold it was pretty decent side shorish 4.5 weather with a few big mush burgers coming in and some massive shore breakers which I got up close and personal with, coming out with no pride.

I just had a week in Italy on a school skiing trip. Having spent 17 hours on a coach and then the harsh reality of going back to work, managing to get out again in the evenings brings a welcome sigh of relief.

We had pretty bloody good conditions at La Tuile. Sunshine and good snow, so really lucky. There are a lot of similar comparisons between snowboarding and windsurfing. I had a good crash doing what is called a backside 360 (although I would have thought it was a frontside 360). I got good height but didn't complete the rotation.

The backside 360 is actually very similar to the forward loop. Taking off you look back and down at your back foot, letting your rear shoulder complete the rotation as you curl up to increase your rotating speed. If you un curl, the rotation stops, just like in a forward. It was pretty interesting watching this to see just where it goes wrong.