Morning sesh at avon

Today I already knew the outcome before I set foot out of the door. I would take one last wave to many, I dark cloud would come, with a little rain and the wind would go north west. I would get trapped in the current where it is too light on the inside, I would then have to swim like a salmon on steroids to get in just past the cafe and avoid the conveyor belt of humiliation to highcliff.

Now I knew my predetermined fate I might as well make the most of it. Now Coxy was really determined to go to Avon. It takes a lot to break this windsurfing machine of a man away from his home break of southbourne. Coxy, incidentally, is sailing like a man possessed at the moment. The height of his jumps would not look out of place on the pwa. Must be the dawning of fatherhood!

Avon didn't look that good from the beach, out on the sandbar a different story. Two waves that link up both with an aerial section on each and not even on.a good swell. The sand bars are even better than last year.

We all had 4.5s, it was way too much at first, but a lot of power, fun, and out if control riding. We were ready for the wind to swing and drop. Leading to a good hour of very cross off riding. Then finishing with pretty much exactly the swim I envisaged earlier.

I think Avon could produce something very special mid week if the forecast sticks. Hope some can get out.


  1. Man you should've done Milford-on-sea...3hrs of DTL up to logo high perfection from around 12-3pm on 5.3m/79lt. One of my best sessions. Ever.

  2. Charlie, sounds like you got it good. I had a wicked time at Avon, but had some family fun to get back to. Next time..!


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