Another one for Murphy

With all these mental conditions around, it doesn't at all surprise me that when we actually got our arses into gear to organise a photographer, that the forecast didn't hold.

The plan was to get some pier shots from Boscombe pier, the swell was meant to be solid as was the wind. However T'm always a little suspicious when the forecast is 20 - 30 knots. It's almost a certainty that you will be on the wrong sail. Even after 25 years of windsurfing (ouch), I am still really crap at knowing what size sail to use. If anyone is out there that can develop an app to sort this out then I am going to be the first customer.

Warren Rowe had a 5.0 on and he looked stacked. Coxy and myself opted for 4.5's, where Gregg went for a 5.2. I don't think anyone was planing all the time, it seemed like even with a bigger sail there wasn't much more planing going on. It was either well powered or not powered.

Still when you have a photographer there, freezing their balls off, not getting the epic storm pictures he wants. You have to try your best and basically nail yourself into the shorebreak, actually that was mainly Coxy's main move. He loves a barreling shore break like no other!

Photography is by Ollie Wood. His website for water photography is

He is a windsurfer/surfer/snowboarder himself so has an eye for it all. Plus has an incredible water housing and camera for watershots and a drone. So get in touch with him if you want to hire a photographer!