Nice to have 5 minutes away

Nice to have a cross offshore wave 5 minutes away. After the storm on Saturday, whilst the waves were at the hairdressers. (Honestly they were both at the hair dressers - apparently £50 is a bargain for a trim and low lights, or highlights, or something, I can't even remember the last time I had a hair cut. I know I spent about £20 on some clippers quite a few years ago). Anyway, after the really windy bit, myself and Dunnett got to Avon just as people were wobbling in and packing away their 4.2s.

But we knew that it was going to go SW and at a neep low, the other side of the 'Run' and a bit upwind there would be a nice punchy section breaking off the sandbar. And sure enough, it was there. The large swell period produced a really nice wave where you could get 1 or 2 nice turns, then if you timed it right, one hell of a smack (or smack down) as the wave bowled over the shoulder high sandbar, before it reformed to cross the river again. (which was flowing at a massive speed, taking anyone with it quickly down wind into the wind hole of certain humiliation)

It was all a bit float and ride, but enough power in the wave and the wind to make a fun session. Because I broke my 400 mast at Cornwall last weekend. The biggest I could rig was 4.5 black tip, whilst others were out on 5.3's. On the Quantum 95 it was good though and nice for riding. I was a bit gutted not to be able to jump, but after a shit week at work. I was just happy to get out.

And to have that 5 minutes away, that good especially after having Gwithian fresh in my mind. I packed away in the rain pretty happy.