Sunny Days, Windy Days, Autumn Days..

How warm was Sunday, and what a day. For once we seemed to get the top end of the wind here in Bournemouth Bay. I went to the beach thinking it would just be enough, so only took my 95 quad.

Turned out to be completely stacked on a 5.0, but in a really good controllable way. The new blacktips are very special. Really crisp, but also with a nice amount of spring.

Seems today was also good for those who could get out, a bit NW and hell windy. Coxy went to Milford and the Dunnett brothers went to KBay, although unluckily, since it was perfect WNW for the Bench. The bench was shut.

We shot some HD film, so hopefully will get some pictures up soon. Some impressive stalled forwards from Coxy as standard.

Lets hope it keeps on coming. We also have enjoyed watching the PWA at La Torche, in the sort of chunky cross on starboard tack conditions that we find so familiar. Sorts the men out from the boys...As it stands all Brits that got into the main draw are in the top 10. Philip Koster down in 17th, that boy really needs to go and train on starboard tack!