Raging C

We had it all last week. All, everything, the lot of it. Wind and rain annihilation. There is one of those open bits in the school I work, between the two science blocks. Half way through one lesson it started raining, then got stronger and stronger. The path, in only 30 minutes became a river, then almost a knee high lake, crossing was a near death experience. On the other side of the classroom is the quad. PE had to put out those benches you get in sports halls, to make a bridge, to get to the changing rooms. It was bad out there.

On the water, it was raging. We opted for 4.0 metre sails, But perhaps with the low cloud, thunder and lightning, it was not enough with some of the lulls and squalls. Most the time it was plenty.

It was just one of those weeks, that we should get every week, or at least every other week. The new Simmer Black Tips are sweet and feel so crisp being straight out of the bag. James Cox has some of the new 3 Batten Ezzy Takas, which look interesting and certainly don't seem to be holding him back in south coast conditions. I still think they look a bit strange, but doesn't everything new..? Simmer have theirs out this year, so I might get hold of one to try out but not sure they are the answer for the take all conditions you get round here, but who knows. I thought that about the 4 batten sails, then got one to try out and was converted straight away. Now I have them, I don't think I would go back.

photo's of James Cox, courtesy of James Bowden..http://latitudinaltales.co.uk/