By the son of Poseidon

There is something brewing in the middle of the Atlantic. I don't know whether to get excited about it or just shut the curtains and pretend its not happening.

I was getting used to the endless summer, now I have to find my windsurfing kit, work out what clothes to wear if I'm not going to wear shorts anymore and what the hell do you do if it rains. Do we even go outside, does it hurt? It is actually going to rain, is windsurfing in the rain even fun. I can't remember, but don't think it is. It's OK it wont be windy till Monday and I can't even go out on a Monday.

with torrential rain forecast, is this what we are going to see?

It's a tricky one looking at where to go. There ain't many places good in a southerly and as you head further west to spots that are good in southerlies, the wind looks westerly. The options then are Avon, which is still pretty onshore, but sail up to the Mudeford sandspit to give a cross shore option. The best bet is probably sandbanks.

By the time us working folk are able to get out, then most days it should have gone more westerly, so most sea fronts should be OK.

Hope everyone gets something out of it..