BWA final - Cornwall

The Cornish wave championships starts tomorrow and is the finale of the BWA season with three events so far this year. The forecast is looking very promising, with wind and waves everyday and (hopefully) in the right direction, with neep tides, meaning it should be sailable all day. Add to that forecast mild weather and sunshine and I think you have all the ingredients for a perfect contest. I reckon there is going to be a large entry list.

Its been almost 4 years since I last competed at Gwithian, and maybe even sailed there, I am pretty excited too. We have a decent crew going. Gregg Dunnett and Ollie Wood making his maiden competition appearance, (He will definitely get notices with his Quadimodo err, custom...),then joining up with Emile Kott and Will Barrett. Our feeble attempts of trying to get some accommodation together failed abysmally. However can you really beat the travel lodge, £53 each for three nights, with minimal tidying up to do.

The only thing is that regular James Cox is going to be absent, and I think he is a bit gutted that the one year we all decide to go falls on the due date of his first child. Even last night he was weighing up the odds of whether he could even make a day of it. Too much of a risk we reckoned..However, there is always another year..!

We'll report back here on insight from the competition. Hopefully.