Bertha, a good type of ex

If buying new windsurfing gear will guarantee that windsurfing will not happen until the kit has been succeeded. Then selling all of your kit will surely mean the opposite. I just so happened to test this theory and I can confirm that it is now scientifically proven. It does actually work!

It doesn't just work a little, but incredibly well. I found out that by selling all my sails, a tropical storm will actually make its way across the Atlantic and provide perfect side shore winds, 20 degrees plus temperatures and solid sunshine for days on end.

Hopefully I can get duly thanked with plenty of beer bought for me.

That aside Sunday was the peak of two weeks of really nice good fun windsurfing weather, mainly in shorts but in flat water. It's been a great summer. Sunday started off with a gusty but fun sideshore day at Avon. Followed by a break for a one year olds party and completed with an epic 2 hours at a good sized Southbourne surrounded by good friends. Luckily one of these friendly chaps lent me a 4.7 to use. It was gooood, and with plenty more to come. Not that I am in the UK, but I take the sacrifice willingly.

Thanks Charles W for the pictures, although judging by the lack of focus you must have been a little tired.


  1. Yeah camera in wrong mode & just as i'd sorted it, ran out of memory!


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