Selling Sails at Vely good prices

Time for the quiver reshuffle, so I am selling some lovely Simmer Black Tips.

No pictures as yet, I haven't had the chance and am away, but best to start advertising.

2013 Blacktips

5.3  £190 (yellow/purple) Good condition, no tears, rips, holes. Monofilm still really good. Excellent lightwind wavesail. Really good low end. Top end is good but I usually just go to the 5.0. Heavier people can make the top end really good by using a 430. This sail is so light and maneuverable.

5.0 £170 (Blue/White) This sail is in good condition has had a professional repair, (my mast snapped quite early on in its life, so there is a repair to the luff tube. The allround capabilities of this sail are incredible. Massive wind range, feels lush and compact.

4.5 £180 (Blue/White)This sail is super light and versatile, been used in 4.0 weather through to when others are on 5.0s. Excellent condition, really hasn't had much use.

2012 Sails

5.0 Black Tip £160 (Blue/White). This sail hasn't been used for over a year and a half so it is really good conditions still. It's not much different to the 2013, so has a really lovely feel to it. The luff is slightly longer. You could get away with the 5.0 for 90% of your wavesailing needs.

4.2 Icon £110 (Yellow/Purple) . This sail can take everything a windy day throws at it. I rarely changed down from this (in fact I don't as it is my smallest sail). Well used as reflected in the price. No tears or holes etc and still sets incredibly well with no signs of stretch.