Bi, tri, quad or don't really mind. I have a new board that has five fin boxes. To go with this I have sets of flexies, stubbies, ezzy s, assys, shark tooths, rockets, a bubble by k4 . Then there are the simmer missions and black tips in g10 all of various sizes! The probable combinations are much larger than my small brain can work out. Even if I could, is there enough time in universe to even compare them all and that is all just on one board.

So I am.thinking that there is a possibility of wind this weekend. It might be a bit of fun to try out some new fin configurations.

I've set up my quantum 95 as a twin with a set of k4 rockets, and the flywave 85 as a tri with a stubby centre fin and flexi asymmetric side fins. I've no idea what size or even what is the right size. Having said that I can't even remember what set up I originally had now. !

For all-around wavesailing, I have to admit I am definitely a.big fan of the quads. I love the grip and drive they have, plus the control to slide if you want to. I'm interested to know what a tri fin will be like and even if a board designed for a quad set up works as a tri fin. Does the actual rocker and tail set up make a difference? And why, and when do you actually need a tri fin. I guess the other big question is, will I actually notice any difference?!?!

All this procrastination does depend on.one factor. Some wind please and I suppose a bit of a wave too.