You gotta put money in the upwind bank

Jem Hall has many infamous sayings. The title is one of them, when teaching intermediates learning to plane, you can only have downwind glory if you invest in getting upwind first.

If this is the case Jono, Gregg and myself have plenty of currency saved up.

It's nine miles as the crow flies from southbourne to sandbanks. By the time we had zig zagged upwind we had covered 23 kilometers! The weather was perfect sunny, well powered we landed at sandbanks looking forward to a 10 mile downwinder. We let our other halfs know we would be back by 5. Certainly back by bath time.

Turns out as we left the beach, the actual forecasted weather decided to turn up. Heavy black clouds loomed over Bournemouth and after one planing run the wind dropped. It was. IOW over again.

To make matters worse Gregg was having no luck with the 8.5 piece of junk he had just bought off eBay. Cams that didn't stay on the mast were sticking out like broken chicken legs. Combined with the arm cramp he was getting, Southbourne seemed a long way in the distance. I was quite happy just cruising with the track forward in the harness. Surfing the swells I could make head way fast, but not fast enough to stay out of trouble and help out at home.

I knew a long discussion would follow. It did!

Today took a lot less time to get there. Took the novel approach of driving. You need a pay day loan to park, but as there were plenty of toys to try out at the H2O demo it seemed like a plan, plus Casey was super excited about trying out the inflatable paddle boards. I've never been on one, but fir flat water they were pretty good, especially with the bow shaped nose.

Could be some wind this week...