Windsurfing Photos for a change

Some windsurfing photos for a change. Friday 27th June was the first wind for a while, as a mini low spun in giving a bit of rain and a bit of wind. Having been preoccupied with sailing around large things recently I was horribly unprepared, having removed footstraps and sold important bits of normal windsurfing kit for reasons that aren't worth recording here. Plus having to put children to bed, cook dinner and watch Andy Murray, there wasn't much time to put things right after work. So I got the camera out and tried to get arty before the light went.

Southbourne's horrible shorebreak is going through a mellow stage this summer and the brave/stupid/talented/lucky (not sure which yet) are able to get some proper hits on sections of a wave about a metre away from the sand without destroying all their gear and ending up in traction. James Cox and Bubble have both been dabbling successfully. Although I haven't seen James for ages and he may well be in hospital recovering.

There was zero groundswell yesterday, so the shots below are Clyde having a go on chop, but doing a pretty good job. Although the dog wasn't impressed.

Riding the shorebreak chop

Funny how the small scale often mirrors the large

Dog, sniffing.