Rhosneigr is on the cards...!

Getting it all ready, well just checking it is still there. In stark contrast to the 'round the isla wight' planning, which is considerable. Gregg has a longboard set up with a 7.5 rig, an IMCO. Not just any IMCO, this imco is in fact the Mistral 96 Olympic board. He also has a mast. A black one. A boom, that is one piece. I so far, have a mast extension. Jono, well not heard from Jono.

Back to the 'stark contrast'. I decided to go to a wave event again. It has been a long time, in fact the last time I went to one was the Cornwall before Casey was born. That must have been three and a half years ago. I had a blue Simmer then, so I think I must have gone to Rhosneigr about 2 years before that. So, unbelievably, it has been five and half years since doing the Rhosneigr wave event. Where the 'fuck' so to speak, did that time go.

I'm really looking forward to it. Being a teacher I can only do this and the cornish event. I've been meaning to go most years, but for what ever reason something has come up and I've not managed it. However, this time I am on a mission. There is a need to just get it out, I'm not sure what 'it' is, but it is something. Probably something to do with being in the same job for 8 years now and the need to avoid being part of the average normality that many teachers fall into. I am more commonly being described as a teacher, before it was a windsurfer.

I don't actually care how I do. If I get through a round in the am's, then I will  be pretty happy. Just looking forward to a good craic, crashing a lot because it is port tack - which these days is very unfamiliar and spending as much time as possible on the water, relatively guilt free.

Oh and dressing up as a cowboy.