Meanwhile in Dorset

Congrats to Clyde and James on representing Dorset in the Rhosneigr championships. Naturally while they were away we got two amazing, you-had-to-be-here, "best ever" days, which they must be totally gutted to have missed. And even if not, I'm hoping this report will sow just the slight seeds of jealousy and doubt!

Last Saturday we got full on 4.0 weather, 'goldilocks' waves (not too big, not too small, just perfect...), blazing sunshine, a troupe of Brazilian cheerleaders on a conference were on hand to rig up amongst the palm trees imported for some ad shoot that was going on. Ok, the last bit no one will believe, and in truth it was a bit too mental to do much other than pick out the smaller waves in the 'lulls' to pick out some waves to ride, and go big on the jumps on the way out. It was one of those days where you spend more time on the beach talking about it, but still best ever, epic etc....

Then Sunday was even more best ever, even more epically unmissable. And I nearly even mean it this time. The wind had swung more sideshore (even a touch of off) and the swell build up on Saturday was still coming in, giving some amazing jumping and, if you could line up with the sets, good riding on head to logo high waves. Best of all, low tide was midday, meaning a golden two hours of Southbourne at its best. With James away Tim Cox was making the best of it, connecting with some very solid lips as only a plumber can. Eldest brother Simon was also looking very professional, although that might be helped by all the stickers on his sails. He's either picked up a lot of sponsors in the last few months or been stealing gear from James' garage.

I couldn't get the hang of riding at all for some reason, timing was very off, meaning a lot of swallowed water,  and my one attempt at a forward loop all weekend ended in a very painful back splat. But I did manage to land the biggest back loops I've done for a long time, which should keep me happy through until the next wind.

Photos are from Saturday


  1. Southbourne back to its best. Can't wait till the next session.


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