IOW rounding strategy - the musings of Jono Dunnett

The Equipe is back and it doesn't fit in the van

The original Gunfeet SC raceboard team. Me, Viola Waite (land support and cook), Jono Dunnett (Mr competitive and general angry man on the race course), Allan Waite (main sponsor, driver and srategist)

Seems to me that the main effect to be aware of is that the tide turns about 2 hours early in the Solent compared to outside. Currents are strong in W Solent so really must be going with current in W Solent. To be sure of making Remmit we want to hit E corner of IOW ideally 2 hours before HW. So setting out from Avon at LW -2 would give 6 hours to get to East IOW (Bembridge). Don't think we actually need that long especially if wind is from S/SW.
Route needs to be head out (S) from Avon to get very well clear of Needles and into good tide flow. Coming in closer as we pass St Caths Point. Direct course (stay offshore) to Bembridge to avoid Sandown back eddy. Round corner at slack or changing tide then get in the tide conveyer through the Solent. If all going well and we are going through west solent with the tide ripping there will be some proper bumpy bits as the tide rips over the shallow section to north of Needles.
I've just created a Portsmouth tide calendar and shared with you both. Times are about 25mins later than the ones you came up with Gregg but near enough. Don't know why not the same.
Looking at the wkends Gregg mentions and adding a couple more:
- 31st May/1 Jun: looks good. LW about 7am so good for a 6am departure.
- 7th/8th June: is a no-goer. High at 8am we would be battling against tide all the way.
14th/15th June: tides good with a very early 5 or 6am start.
- 21st/22nd June: no-goer.
- 28th/29th June: tides good with a very early 5 or 6am start.
Basically around the time we are looking at alternate weekends work. I might be away for the middle weekend (raceboard event Menorca), though far from confirmed. Wondering if it would be best to set a weekend (last weekend in June) as THE weekend? 31st of May seems a bit too close.
In an ideal world we might even get a landbreeze to head offshore at 5 or 6am, sail out and have some breakfast sitting in the tide, whilst a regular gradient wind or thermal takes over. Lovely. Would have suggested a French pastry but not sure that is a good idea...