First Equipment Testing sessions.

I think my first test of raceboard equipment went a little better than Gregg's. In the space of ten minutes Gregg managed to snap a mast, borrow a mast, then snap an extension. Bad luck he thought, but actually better luck really. Much better than the breakages happening half way round the IOW.

The right kit for the job?
I managed to get a quick hour in round Christchurch harbour. In maybe only 8mph of wind, a little bit extra funnelling down the river. Took me a while to get all the settings. I definitely think I want an adjustable set up. There is quite a difference between maximum power settings for beating in a F3, to if it is windier. I have probably the most modern set up of the three. A simmer twin cam semi race sail, 7.8. Low aspect it seems to have good power.

What was amazing and something I have forgotten is just how efficient raceboards are (and this is an old one). I cruised around the harbour on the rail no problem whilst boats and other windsufers were just plodding. Great fun. I also realised that I need to get some water time in. Hands need to be rougher and different muscle sets need to get stronger.