It's over there, in the distance.

Before Gregg, who is now the 'proud'? owner of an old IMCO and even older Ultra Cat which he got for 60 quid off gum tree along with a couple of old bits of rope, seaweed and a fin bolt, turns into a middle aged longboarder. I thought it best to post a picture of him doing a back loop, just so he can remember what wavesailing is.

Saturday was a funny old day, but pretty usual for Southerlies. Distinctly average. Somehow we both missed the best bits. Early morning at high tide was sunny with better waves. The evening probably was similar. However we decided to go for the middle of the day and low tide. Where you could do freestyle, or something style. Actually, style is probably a too generous term. Southerly would have been nice at Gwithian, for some reason we didn't think, think to think about it.

Gregg now has a board, a sail and a mast for the circumnavigation(not cision) of IOW, so he may well win this marathon. Getting the kit together, could be the biggest part.

There it is, over there, miles away. Seems near.