Death of the Avon Sandbar...?

Could this be the end...

So all the sand that kind of got deposited to make an exceptional wave break over the winter, that I can safely say exceeded all expectations, and I might add was free, not costing the tax payer any money whatsoever is to be dug up for sand, for young people to make sand castles on.

There is some irony in this somewhere, because isn't there an artificial surf reef just down the road, that produced entirely unexceptional waves, that cost the tax payer a couple of million?.

A strange world, run by even stranger councillers with strange ideas. Next they will be trying to run a land train round Hengistbury head on a path that isn't wide enough for it...!

It was good whilst it lasted, I'm sure all the sand that they drop on Bournemouth beach this year, will again be washed around next year. Can't fool with nature.