3 week drought over (lent?)

Well, it's not really a drought. Since the last bit of super wind, there has been wind, but I had to ignore it and be a normal person for a while and do normal things. Like drive around the country to visit family, and attend various family member birthday parties. That sort of thing. So today was in my opinion a well earned post work windsurf for being such a good, thoughtful and considerate family guy.

It was really fun at Avon today, smallish shoulder high waves, plenty of space in between perfect for forwards and some popping up for other less successful type of jumps. It was sunny, a decent crowd out including Bubble, Ben, Kelvin etc.

Packing up and its almost 6pm, plenty of light.
Here are some pictures from Jono earlier in the week, not any where near here. But up in Norfolk somewhere. Looks nice