nukin, nukin, nukin.

Well it was nukin! Then at about 3.30 the swell hit, and it kept on nukin. For most of the time I didn't even try to sheet in my smallest, a 4.2. Jim had arranged a photographer to shoot off the Hengistbury Head leadges. He was going to sail across the harbour, run across the beach and then sail up. I was to sail upwind from Avon, I got half, no less than half, maybe less than quarter. The swells were huge, I was so overpowered and my hands were feckin freezing. So I went back down to Avon, where at least thelong spaces between the waves made it manageable.

On arrival, it was nukin, but the swell wasn't quite in and it was getting blown a little flat. 
At about 3pm the swell started pushing in
By fivish, it was dropping off a little, but still a pretty good size for a sheltered beach

By the time Jim had returned from chasing monsters on the head the waves had dropped with the tide, he was using his new sail. The Ezzy 'Seagull'

One of those new freestyle moves


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  2. What you needed was a 3.6m Neil Pryde NR (as seen giving immaculate control in the 4th pic up)

  3. I could show you a few more pictures of it not so in control!! ;-) to be honest, I would have like a 3.6 NR that day!!

  4. Where are Gregg and Colin ? Were they slacking off drinking tea as usual?

  5. Colin has been out a lot. Gregg and Ian are in Tenerife, running on beaches.


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