First of Feburary Two Thousand and Fourteen

Small inside reform by Brian Waide http
And it keeps on coming. It's as if the weekend warrior is the new beach bum winter abroad. Usually you have to search far and wide to get cross offshore down the line, glassy waveriding. Every South Westerly at the moment seems to come with a pumping swell. All, well not all, but a lot of sand from the Bournemouth beaches has swept round the Hengistbury head and deposited nicely at Avon beach, given us some lovely long punchy (unusual for Avon) waves to ride. Top that, at a certain state of tide it gets so smooth between waves. The only downer for me today was my own lack of judgement. I persevered on a 5.0 whilst others were on 4.2's, plus I was on my 95 when others were 20 litres less. I could just about waveride, jumping was a no no.  I'll get my 85 back next week from saviour board repairs. (just a tiny hole, but he wants to make sure it is completely dry).

Punchy cut backs
Maybe though, February has brought winter. It was bloody cold. I had severe hot hands 3 time, even my lower arms were hurting. Still loved it though, and want more more more
Smooth Bottom turns
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Resting, waiting for a swell line to pick me up