Close Shave

Frantically rigging on the beach, looked up at my van and wondered why some strange person was looking rather closely at it. Slowly turning cogs then registered the formal looking hat and realised it was a traffic warden. I personally blame Kelvin for chatting to me, distracting me just enough to forget to put a parking ticket on.

A very rare thing then happened, the warden then let me go and get a ticket. Then the sun came out and the wind picked up.

It has felt a long time since not being out on the water (only a week and a bit). There were still waves, it was side shore and I was nicely powered up on my 5.3 Black Tip and 95 quad. I just love the torque that this combination bring. The waves were fairly decent too, enough to give a few beatings onto the sandbar if you were not careful. The down side, the river water stank of shit, mud, soil, fertiliser. Hopefully a can of coke did the trick.

What was slightly unusual about today is that the waves at Avon were a similar size to the more exposed Southbourne. Speaking of Southbourne, I am also not sure what the next windsurf there will be like. A hell of a lot of beach has been washed away exposing deep groynes. The loss of sand (round the corner to provide the Avon sandbar) has resulted in a mean looking double shorebreak, even worse than before.. However if Avon keeps working like it has, with nice setty waves and long flat gaps between them perfect for jumping, I'm not sure when the Southbourne revival will happen...


  1. Damned cheak!!!...Good job it was my brother checking the cars for tickets!....hah hah..

    Well, it looks like the feared 'big breakdown' in the weather is now definitely here. A large High Pressure is starting to amble around over the UK in the next few days....

    It was great while it lasted but as they say........... THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!.........but great to have had it.



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