Another good day in the sun

many aerials to set up for
Slow start today. Got to Avon to see everyone milling around, slowly. Clearly all everyone still suffering from yesterdays onslaught. There is a really good friendly crowd at Avon. The continual barrage of good quality waves has really pushed everyones level up. Today was no exception, although being so Westerly it looked very tricky to get out. Plus the waves didn't look that big, that was until you got right out and up close and personal. Then they were big, chunky and taking no prisoners. I would say up to 3/4 mast for the bigger ones and solid 4.5 weather. With the waves breaking over the flats, we were in for a very nice time. Two hits usually and some really smooth top and bottom turns on the right wave. The downside, it was bloody cold. I had to resort to palmless mits. My hands in these never got cold, although waveriding was hard.

and lips to hit


  1. Nice pics. That looked better than Ringstead.

  2. Never sailed ringstead! Always get there when the rocks are showing, I say always. Have only been there once. I think from 3pm that day it was the best so far. Maybe I need to get away more.


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