Ride on Time!

Recently it seems, whatever the conditions, I keep having randomly eventful windsurfs. Lets start at Southbourne which I thought looked fairly good today. Port tack, cross on with good sized waves. However non of my fellow croney's in the Cox brothers, Gregg, Matt, Colin were available for their various (poor) reasons. Because of my recent record of swims, breakages and now father of two Liz is very un keen of me sailing by myself. For this reason I decided to look for company at Avon where there were plenty out.

To be honest I wasn't even sure I would have gone out. It was so onshore that you could almost jump both ways. I guess what tempted me was Sam Ross, saying I should try the Starboard Black Box. One very unusual looking board for sure.

Well I had a few runs on it, 5.6 was a bit big for it, but it certainly spins round on its tail pretty well. I think it could be a lot of fun, but was actually very happy to get back on my Quantum 95, but would like another go one day.

Well that was that really, marginal, some good sized onshore waves rolling in. Then I hit a groin on the other side of the bay, catapulted, twisted my harness lines around the hook, landed my foot jammed in between two rocks, as I got beaten by waves trapped in the harness. Now I am hobbling nicely. On the beach, the fin was half hanging out, I couldn't get it back in or pull it out. Sprained ankle, 3 fins one hanging out and I had to get back across the bay. Resorting to caveman tactics and a very pointing rock, plus one slightly larger rock. I managed to hammer the fin back in thanks to the plastic of the K4's. Think I will be on the blower to Thorpy to get some replacements.

As I was on my final run back to the beach, running out of wind, I came across John in the current of doom trying to swim in with board and rig detached. So there I was, going for the rescue thinking that we could both end up with a very long walk and I needed to get back to the wife and kids.

Fortunately the UJ was not snapped but just detached, it took a while to get it back in the board, but none of us were at Highcliff and the RNLI were still nice and warm. All good now, but a slightly limp ankle.