record swells

Monday had a swell period of 18 seconds and 3 - 4 meter waves. That is a lot of swell to be making it's way up the English channel. No need to imagine what the Atlantic coast may be like. The media, both traditional and online is fully of some pretty wild images. The landscaping of the British Isles has been quite drastic...

Yet our humble little storm beach of Avon has been experiencing some of the finest conditions possible. The swell has to sweep past Hengistbury head so cleans up fairly well. SSW to SW maybe onshore everywhere else but it has a better angle at Avon. WSW is cross off perfection.

pic - Caroline Radway
However what good is a forecast and amazing conditions if you can't get out on the water. This forecast was for a Monday. I, like many others were back at work. the 3.45 rigging frenzy at Avon was quite comical for those of us desperate to get out in the thick of some of these swells. There were some big rumbling waves, there was also some 2 ft cross chop caused by the gargantuan amount of water draining out of Dorset through Christchurch Harbour. Even a good 300 metres away from the usual river outlet you could feel the full force as millions of gallons of flood water tried to drain out into the ocean. I do not even want to think about all the crap that drained from the land.

stolen pic from Charles Willard facebook page
One thing is for sure, you have have to employ the camel technique when you fall in. Close the nostrils, blow raspberries with your mouth.

I think today, Tuesday was probably very nice. Sunny, cross off with good waves I imagine. But I didn't even see the sea. Tomorrow, I hope I can get out, but I think the best conditions have gone for a little while.