Where's me other boot?

I couldn't find it, surely the water couldn't be that cold (obviously I knew it was)

In a way I was dreading a really good forecast. It meant trying to get organised. I didn't know how to go about this with a family of 4 (and a dog). Plus I had promised I would go to a friends 2 year olds party at 2pm, then go to the German Market in Bournemouth at 4pm.

Some good swell coming through
When a swell forecast like this happens you have to do everything you can to at least experience some of what it throws at you. Even it is just to get out and swim in it. Looking at the huge forecast for Thursday and the work/light comitments that are irritatingly in the way. I think I would even take just a body surf.

Back to Yesterday, sunnyish, warm ish, and lovely long waves peeling it at Avon. No wind. I had an hour sailing opportunity. Even convinced the whole family to come and watch. We even have gone as far as sell our old camper converted van to get one with more seats!

more seats, baby, Casey, Dog, Sails, boards all neatly in.

I couldn't just sit around waiting, so blobbed out with a 5.3 on my 95 Quantum and made the most of it. Occasionally planing, I managed to tack on a few nice ones. The kiters were definitely having the most fun. Assuming that there were meant to be strong winds, I once again left the 5.6 at home. This is becoming an error I keep making. Today hopefully is more promising, later on.

Once again, having a big wide quad came of use. I have change the fins so that rear ones are smaller and are not actually much bigger than the front. In the limited use I had, it felt much freer and a bit looser. So looking forward to having more time with this set up.

Mast Hero mast mount, came through the post to try out. Feels small and light.