Lost For Words..

After today's sail at Avon, I was almost speechless..almost.

This is the lee side of Hengistbury head on Boxing Day, it is completely sheltered from any swell, so to have a wave breaking parrellel to the beach is quite something, some of these waves would link up to the larger ones at Avon over 500 metres away.
Despite the battering we have been having, I haven't felt I have sailed a justifiable amount so after keeping the need deep within and fending the demons off over the festive period. I was desperate to get out at Avon beach at what looked like the best part of the day according to BigSalty.com.  2pm looked good, massive swell period, large waves and incoming tide. On arrival people told me they were stacked with 4.2's, I went 4.5. To cut a long story short, I was underdone and all I could see upwind were some unbelievable incredible waves. Big, powerful (odd for avon, my swollen wrist is a testamount to this where I hit a section late and got a beating that reminding me of the smashing you can get at the Bluff at low tide).

I was almost crying, I got a wave in downwind and decided instead of re rigging to take my 95 quantum out. This was the right move, I was still a little under but could move about up to they break, or get slammed trying to get out as waves bowled over me on the outer sandbar.

However, get a large swell and it was hard to believe that we were gunning down the line on big open logo high faces, hitting lips and racing to try and get round the broken section as this unexpected point break would show its full force.

The storms of wedged up the outside sandbar at Avon and being rare to be cross off in a south westerly, on these swells and and incoming tide, I don't see where you would get longer or cleaner waveriding in the country right now.

As dusk approached it was only myself, Andy and Jack Hunt making the most of it. I only wish we could have some proper photographic evidence. Because it is so far out, it's hard to get a decent picture.

The whole two weeks have been incredible, and I think the whole sand bar shift started with the storms over Autumn Half term.

In contrast, this is Bubbl flying on one of the southerly storm days from the last week. 


  1. Have just Facebooked some shots from Monday & yesterday.if you want 'em Clyde...cheers & happy new year!

  2. I've got to agree with you. The last week at Avon has been the best I've ever sailed it. The Sunday before Christmas was slightly better than Friday, there was a bigger period I think but both days were absolutely awesome. I sailed three hours straight on Friday and only came in when the sun started to set. Hope it keeps up next week.


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